Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Welcome everyone

Hello everyone!
Thanks for checking out our family Blog. We have never done one of these before but this seems a great way to keep in touch. Our little family has grown by two feet our new addition came a year ago little Drezen is now 1 yrs. old this June. He is into using those 8 teeth by biting everything in sight. But he will be walking soon and fulfill his ambition of becoming a Ultimate Fighting Champ:)...Dokken is now double digits 10 yrs. old, He is doing awesome with Baseball and heading into the 5th grade and loves magic tricks and X-Box. His newest adventures are the Tennis Among the Nephites series. He says "HI" to you all! Sal is happy to report he is finally reached one of his life long goals of finally finishing his education it only took 11 years, yes we know after 11 years of education most people are called Doctors, but no he finally got his Bachelors of Science in Management with the University of Phoenix and is glad to get that part of his life over. Ange is the busy of all she is the newly called Primary President and is learning the ropes fast. She is Doing great and happy to be spend allot of time with her 3 Boys. She is loving living in Queen Creek. For those of you who don't know after 3 years we sold our Insurance Agency and got out of the business to pursue a more exciting and fun venture in the Travel Industry on a full time basis. We get to travel as an insider and have fun spending all of our time together. We love and appreciate all of your support and business we love helping others.